The Baphometic Science

by Fathom

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The second demo/album

Written and recorded in Attic of Despair studios in Amsterdam, 2006 for The Horned Moon Cult Prod.


released August 28, 2006

Jeremy IX: All instruments + voice



all rights reserved


Fathom Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fathom was a project that started in 2002 with 3 members and ended with one member in 2005 of which these recordings are the result. Groove inspired dirges, some Satanic imagery and a whole lotta hell!

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Track Name: Among Dead Gods
It seems to be right to wrongfully acuse
All the pain that is wrought is nothing compared to the abuse
Finalize everything, bringing it all to an end
Won't serve or honor a cause, loyalty suffers again

In the meaning; of who's useless, that squirm undesirebly
Their fate has confirmed: nothingness begets nothingness
So why go on and act as if this is not your mess? No!

Life becomes depressed

Among dead gods
An empty atmosphere, increase deep rooted fear
Through infinite slumber
Eyes don't awaken; the spell you are under

Life becomes repressed
Death, assures no rest

None do wake, trapped in a paradox so vast
I exclaim myself from the disease that suffers the mass
When all the time I thought if it was me when it was you
Independence seeks no insurance from a void that's always due

So much invested toward a dying unity
There's nothing to hold onto foresee more hollow conformity
Blessed indeed, but shed no tear for thee
For all that is left it'll have no scarcity


Life's sure to depress
Rise above or digress

The year is one!
God is done!
Satan has won!
God is done!
Track Name: The Accord of Shadows
I divert my gaze toward more effective ways
To come to grip with this foolery
That yet bares more complexity
Engulfed in so much trickery
Confusion's laments is all I see
They dare not atone for their mistake
Irresponsible birth takes place

As I decrease their faith

Rush not what comes to fast
We live in a favorable past
(Created for ourselves)

The sameness will expire, if one's will pass with true desire
Dreams derived from thoughts
Intrinsically felt but naught
Deface in vain their virtue
Replace the old with what seems to be new
How ghastly worn they be
When they see not even their own treachery

Once you have it
You dont want it no more

Believe... but what you see
You're killed by selfish greed
Rush not what comes to fast
If one lives in a favorable past

Destruction is but one way to cleanse and recreate
Uninspired, I stand and wait
No more! I'll make (my own) way

On my own!
I'll make way
Track Name: Serpent of Mars
A truth developed around these parts
Constitute a revelation purely uncut
But why choose such a disguise
Why hurt the ones you (seem to) love
Fuck 'em over for a price

I detest, yeah I detest a lot
When it comes to being loyal I'm all that you've got
It's not arrogance; it's just my way
For those very few 'souls' I fight everyday

Uphold my own law
I advise you do the same

To live - beyond
In the likeness of yourself you may choose right or wrong
Be as it may, it is what's said
Upon our self chosen path there is little time to regret

(Individualize, but don't think yourself wise)

I call to you, my dearest friends
Little by little we will affect toward an end
Our case is solid and so is our mind
Blast our way through the spheres beyond the thoughts of man-unkind
Self aggrandize, be as you wish
No time to bottle up, but take a sip and relish
To totalize; from our core
And the memory will stand, it is what's called for


If it ain't heavy, it ain't shit (x2)

1, 2, 3, 4!
Track Name: Adverse Conformity
Devilry, they say we commit
A recluse in the smudgyness
Filling the air with shit
Greedy on the inside, more voracious on the outside
Past, present or future, drop the anvil on their pride
Can't stop, reckless rebuilder
Model not the self for self but toward a herd to bewilder
Come on! My eyes can take a lot more
'Better to be used than useless' is their cry as before
(Yeah way before...)

They brag - They nag!
Goldbricking is what they're good at - go along and wear a tag of goodness
They all will join in
For a piece of understanding they drop and give in
Commit, the slowest suicide
Take all down with them, leave none behind
Abortion, of the earth is agreed
The boot is coming down
The answer (to) your plea

Release these 'souls'
Harvest their unself they do what they're told
Unleash moral code
A favor, a buttfuck,
It leaves them well cold

(So fucking cold)

Enslave, as we speak
Tolerance is not a virtue for weakness doesn't peak
Every ounce of strength is what we need
To undo yourself this favor, to clot the wounds with a bleed
Unmasked! The damned and self righteous
Nail 'em up, string 'em high
Beget their unkindness
Make a difference, right here
Forget all the sordid ones, we all know they adhere

Release these 'souls'
Harvest their unself, they are what they're told
Unleash moral code
A favor, a mindfuck
It leaves them well cold
Track Name: Architecture of Doom
Take! Yeah you take
Once you get what you want you don't want it no more
A simple digression
I'm not standing around to purge this discussion
If needed, you won't find me here
In darkness or light I am to disappear
Far into an abysmal void
The dead ones still seek to search and destroy

Leave all as is
No curves to unbend you're just part of the disease
Seeds of revolt
Planting and growing as seeds have been sowing

Love as you hate
Like choosing an enemy as choosing a mate
Brutal/Fatal time and again
And like hell I won't see you there in the end

Lost in social darkness
Ever declining, emotionless fall
a climate preserved for the worst
Bend over backwards to get used to this curse
Unresolved, in contempt by despair
Playing but a game they deem to be unfair
So much for a means to an end
Doomed they still pray
Now doom comes their way!

Track Name: Horns of Duality
Masks are to be worn by those that wish to disguise
Fall into discretion, for truth is hard to come by
Remove culture, religion, make them inconsequential
And watch liberty flourish when their scriptures burn to ash

Death is in the skies clouding the will to live
But who still conquers the will, when they won't allow it to give?

Dual of life and death
Prosecution been made; the horns that gave way
A transcendental throw of the mind
Released from piety; the shallowness of mankind

Black is to be worn internal, (and) external
The colours will stand, resembling the infernal
As the everlasting villain, he's given a bad rap and a bad name
And yet the weak and uninspired hypocrites play his game
But soon you will see man's nature will out
As they twist and turn inside and feel the cruel horns of pride

Dual of life and death
Resolution's been made, the horns that paved the way
A transcendental throw of the mind
Released from piety; (the) shallowness of mankind
Track Name: The Scourge of God
These poetic ailments - Of non descriptive nature
Debase the inspiration - Aesthetics suffer through negation
Words are but words - (Even) when lost in translation
I vy a why for their scriptures - Asinine burdens that cause frustration
Undeveloped still - Pose a corpse for their bloodletting
A choice of martyrs, if you will - Unquestionable; it's themselves they seem to kill
Now you're up for grabs - Unholy cults are cursing your ass
From the waist you are cut - A stream of blood satisfies the religious slut!

I am the nails through your flesh
I am the thorns of distress
I am the black blood that feeds the dogs
You're outwilled and outnumbered/I'm legion!
The scourge of your God

Un-poetic ailments - Of self destructive nature
Deface the inspiration - Aesthetics tainted through negation
Words are but words - Even unsought in translation
I demand a why for their scriptures - Asinine burdens, fake damnations
Under developed still - Pose a corpse for their blood shedding
A cast of martyrs if you will - Inconceivable is how these forces seem to kill
Now wrath is up for grabs - Unholy parishes are cursing your ass
From the waist you are gut - A spray of blood satisfies the religious nut!


We are the nails through your flesh
We are the horns of eustress
We are the black blood that feeds the dogs
You're outwilled and outnumbered/We're legion!
The scourge of your God
Track Name: Flames of the Pit
When the flames run it's course
You know the place, I know the source
Son of nothing:
Yeah he giveth, so what if he taketh away
Institution of selfishness, reap a bitter harvest
Darkness - an overabundance
Lose yourself in this old pagan dance

Rise! O flames of the pit!

Reaping, writhing
Do as you will, as you need
What is above so is below
Changing; to be arranging
Your destiny may be the key to make life overflow

Rise! O flames of the pit!
(To the trinity I give spit)

When in darkness you see fit...
Much enlightened thereafter, cleansed of soulless writ
Son of nothing
Yeah he may bringeth, don't be a crying if he taketh
Thus spake the law
No questions are to be asked, if you adhere you'll see no flaw
Exuberantly indulged
Excess removes excess, in the long-run it'll dissolve

Rise! O flames of the pit!

Giveth, taketh
Do as you will, as you need
What is above so is below
Slaving; the curse of praying
Your will holds the key that gives life a balanced control

Rise! O flames of the pit!
Purge those without from (the) divine writ!
Track Name: Mantle of Devildom
I've seen the beginning, the ends, the inbetweens of life being consumed
From the dark abode angles of madness appear
De-personification of the mind affecting you
Religion of the flesh, a call to arms; the perfect veneer

Lust lurks about and temptation sets the stage
Who are you to say no, if all fruits beg to be taste?
And under the cloak of logic the 'true' shall not be caught
The mass will choose it's scapegoat exactly as it's taught

The Order of Executioners plays on the willful mind
Who will pass for a suspect to prove again this justice be blind
Suffocation through disguise; the mirror shows no lies
Exemplified in the aftermath, for truth, is a playful device

The machination of one's destruction proves to bare without fruition
The beast always leaves his mark carved by the hand of each organism
Ineptitude they may praise, delusional self-reliance awaits
As mankind sheds his disease, among his own fullfilling his seeds
The loser will feel it's shame as he's deprived of his fame
The new order will claim it's place; determine power over it's race

So is the name of his game
Don't expect to be delivered from pain
All the madness you thus create
Are borne with you through the temples of your decay

The Order of Executioners plays on the willful mind
Who'll pass for a suspect to prove again this judgement be blind
Suffocation through disguise the mirror shows no lies
Exemplified in the aftermath
For every truth there is a lie
Track Name: Spheres of Expansion (Bonus Track)
Live to expand
Short sighted perspective, will not give a glance
Yet a glimpse is always (a) given
Who knows of the spheres where thoughts are living
Indulge or deny
No, you're not you until you be tried
Form a vision, create the dimension
Unconciousness is where you're at
From without you're driven

-From within you know, yourself to give in

There are many spheres to expand
There's a lot to still place when time is at hand

Soul search no more
We've done that too long

-Oncoming spheres

Take, what is a coming
Further into the vortex
Headfirst we'll be a runnin'
Leave, this elder existence
Time holds no space
You choke on persistence
Dismayed, by the turmoil they're after
Can you not hear the ones ruling you crying from laughter
As it seems nigh
No, it ain't
You are controlled once more
When you resist they obliterate

Soul search some more?
Hasn't it been figured out before?

Unfound; this stillborn loss
Again, you serve the lost

-Ongoing spheres! Expansion reveals here

The search invoked a war
Too far have you longed
(To) turn back... no more!
From within you are gone

Ongoing spheres!
Expansion begins here
Track Name: A Devil's Dowry (Bonus Track)
Sin; the conquest
The opposer gives in
For to turn against nature is not the way to win
When you've got a lot
And man we've got a lot
Sometimes it doesn't surprise me that they lose all they've got
A talent, a texture, a mixture of all that behooves
Sets a smile on my face and the song starts to groove
To stay unpredictable and move from within without
An attitude I recognize; the benefit of a doubt

And go against the grain
Hate and love fixed to wane
The balance of destruction
Remains to be the same

Incarnate, those that stay uncontrolled
Dedicate it to a life that does not what it's told
Further more, I'd like to extend my gratitude
To all that have flown free
Amongst those that choose not to be
A task that may look hard
But soon you may see
Reality isn't that far
Only if you will/wish it to be

So revel (in) your merriment now
And give it a memory
For long they seek to destroy you
But in time we'll see them bleed