The War of the Sons of Darkness

by Fathom

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Written, performed and recorded in Attic of Despair Studio MMVI. Additional recording done in Satan's Den Studio MMXIII for The Horned Moon Cult Prod. Then put to tape, an edition of 3 on Black, White and Red of which I have the Black one (how cool is that!) The others are sadly 'gone'. This was supposed to be the follow up to The Baphometic Science (2006), but seeing as I was done with and/or tired of this style I abandoned the album to delve into other areas of music.

These were the only 2 songs recorded back then but a full record of about 9 songs was written then too (in my head), but alas as time went bye, some good times, some bad and some beer, cigarettes and whisky... And here we are today! I still think it is as heavy as when I recorded it if not heavier (for lack of a better term) and enjoy it very much. Hope you do too.

Jeremy IX


released November 22, 2006

All instruments abused and degraded by Jeremy IX for The Horned Moon Cult Prod.



all rights reserved


Fathom Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fathom was a project that started in 2002 with 3 members and ended with one member in 2005 of which these recordings are the result. Groove inspired dirges, some Satanic imagery and a whole lotta hell!

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Track Name: All His Dominion (is in Darkness)
☩ Contemplate the metaphysics
Statues of war, praise the psycotics
For drugged they be by political stance
Fighting against their own in a biblical trance
Till suffering declines, you may proceed
Weeding the bastards out with an unholy creed
I'm caught in this drivle, they call (it) progress
But I have my own law amid the legion of darkness!

All his dominion...

Your empires crumble again
As this world keeps turning and spiraling down
Like every cycle, face the sameness
Gather around and start your sinning!

All his dominion is in darkness!

☩ Come say out loud, spit words at them
We're part of the proud:
Swear allegiance; we sin
Live our life, we take (as) we desire
No need for their strife
Abstinence: a curse of the pious
We trample them under hoof, that's right!
We guard the temples of pleasure, oh yeah!
Your sweet-talk ain't getting you nowhere son
The father is gone...
As we join the serpent under the sun!

(Your) tears turn to blood again
We sip of the wine and spit (it) in your face
Before a rotten corpse you kneel and pray
Your sickness manifests through your disgrace

All his dominion is in darkness (x2)