Words of the Fire Demo

by Fathom

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Supposed to be the first 3 tracks of the Rise of the Morningstar Demo, but my Korg D12 crashed and I lost a lot of music; That still pisses me off til this day! These tracks are taken straight from the tape I recorded for the demo and have kinda lost their quality. Still! I think they're cool songs and are definitely the style I was going for at the time. The outro I put on the end is the intro of the first song backward so it sounds 'complete'.


released July 16, 2005

Jeremy IX: All dissonance, heaviness and occultnick-ism with a little help from my 'friends'......



all rights reserved


Fathom Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fathom was a project that started in 2002 with 3 members and ended with one member in 2005 of which these recordings are the result. Groove inspired dirges, some Satanic imagery and a whole lotta hell!

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Track Name: The Words of the Fire and the Transcendental Leap

"When after all the phantoms thou shalt behold the shining of that incorporeal fire, that sacred fire. The darts of which penetrate in every direction through the depths of the world - Hearken to the Words of the Fire!" (Taken from 'A History of Magic' by Eliphas Lévi)

The dawn arises, I idly stand by
It's become so predictable; if undesirable to ask why
Broaden the mind; I went so far that I shan't return
Come clutch (on)to the vine; where it grows is not your concern

If you can't say no, it's a clear fact
But the course... Well it's never been exact

Possession, obsession
Can't clear your head when the stakes are getting higher
Concessive, oppressive
When all is bewildered hearken to the Words of the Fire!

Ponder your way... I've pondered my way
And see for yourself what is meant to be the same,
Mundane, (so mundane)
It's becoming too obvious you just cannot fight the pain
No, it's not regret (there's nothing to regret)
And I won't say it's a safe bet
Flow into the vain of confusion
And become one in endless illusion

10 to one it's everything you didn't get
And the fire...
And the fire is not diffused yet (yet you're)


Chorus II:
Possessor, Obsessor!
Can't make up your mind when the stakes are growing tired
Concessor, Oppressor!
All is bewildered (thus)
Hearken to the Words of the Fire!

...and the leap is but one step!

Repeat Pre II + Chorus II

The Transcendental Leap (Instrumental)
Track Name: Corridors of Eternity
I'm not here to impress
I delight only where I invest
Ye shall never read,
Ye shall never see(d)
My imprint on life will not be shown
But my seed - ha! - it will have sewn
Though I won't exist, the work, it shall persist...

Forever! The vortex that exists in life
Deflower! Unending find (in) unknown design
Crawling! On hands and knees toward thee
Remember! Those hurled back in the corridors (of eternity)

Human vacuum, sucking dry
Uncountable acts, readily stupify
Fools shall be, here for scrutiny
Damned and accesible; symbol of blasphemy
They're not the ones to prevail
They excess, deceive, then fail
When emotion dies slow...
You'd think by then they would know,
But no...

Forever! The anguish that persists in life
Deflower! Demanding in eternal strife
Crawling! On hands and knees before thee
Do not forget/Recognize! Those hurled back in the corridors of eternity

Thy shall be remembered,
Carved anew in it's each member (x2)
Track Name: Throes of the Abominable
I won't breed, I won't stay
This mess ain't just going to clear away
Directionless, emotionless
I won't let my child face their curse
Plead if you will, I'll still kill
Every bit of the poison you spill
Enraged desire, I feed the fire
And dance around your funeral pyre!

Don't preach me you goddamned liar!

Throes of the abominable,
Life is expendable!

You tell I'm wrong, are you that strong, to make such a perception?
A downward fall; a crumbling wall, (tell me) where ends this deception?
Illusive lies, what's on your mind, do you need a distraction?
Untie your knot, it's been so long you forgot, it turns into violent reaction!

And suffer (in) unending depression!

Throes of the abominable; Life is expendable
Nevermind the guttural roar, the (this new found) relief will renew the core
(So) how will you know when to strike this invisible attack?
Will the outcome relieve you?
More important: will you ever come back?
Isn't it always that way when you think you've got it made
Is it too immeasurable (for you) that I'm trying to defend my say!?