Rise of the Morningstar

by Fathom

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First demo/album recorded after the initial demise of the band


released December 13, 2005

Jeremy IX: All Instruments of Doom and the Voice of Dismay



all rights reserved


Fathom Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fathom was a project that started in 2002 with 3 members and ended with one member in 2005 of which these recordings are the result. Groove inspired dirges, some Satanic imagery and a whole lotta hell!

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Track Name: The Southern Hemisphere
Differentiate both sides of the brain
Keep honouring the everlasting shame
It's given life and breath to your new God
Subliminal altar (in view)
Pierced by his lightning rod

Know then to be subversive
It's the only way through this character inversion
Be not only to justify the means
(But) direct the hate so, as it's meant to be

Scarred life, wounds are still bleeding until they dethrone the pain
Remember the past, it's still clear to all
The cursed blood's still seeping and breeding
The race to(ward) death is fueled by the unending screaming of guiltridden fools
Of hellish torture, a sideways departure they are still dreaming
(And screaming)

These misinterpreted lives
They give speculations as to surmise
For every thought that has passed
it seems to go by so fast
(It leaves nothing to the imagination)
So close to being accepted
(In) whatever way it's become so deceptive
(A) reason to fight in the ongoing war
Always vengeful the proud ones will soar


Torturous screaming
Forcefedfully feeding

Track Name: The Dark Passage
Bitter, soulless, yet they crawl on through
Like worms, but no conqueror, this hell is dedicated to you
You claim to be a light
So befouled, no it's not right
religions (should) burn to ashes
(And) let freedom discern the masses

Overwhelming, the beauty, the silence...

It's needed, now!
To root out the bastards that make shed the blood
It must be allowed
To give (them) what they want
(And) send them to their God(s)
They want to suffer
And so they shall one way or the other
They're not needed here
They've spread enough hate and fear

If you want it, you've got it
These flames will ever curse your soul
Damn it would be so nice (oh so nice)
To send you all to that fake paradise
(Your) left to dream (in) nothingness
(But) soon your plans will turn to distress
Lies, it's just lies
But one that will be your demise!

It's a give-away
And your time is up
It's time you joined the brethren of your overflowing cup

In the end we'll see who will be damned
At least I have/had my pleasures now
Instead of serving a crown...
Serving a crown of thorns!

It's needed more than ever
To root out the bastards that make shed the blood
Can't go on forever
Let's give what they want, send them to their Gods
They serve and suffer
They forever shall one way or the other
No, they're not needed here
(They are) the most horrid plague and spreaders of fear
Track Name: In the Devil's Fane
Liven up the disposition
Deconstruction of a waning... vision
No more time for pent up tension
Are you not willing to learn...?
The lesson of self

Disguise what you may
There will always be the one who sees through the charade
(But you persist in the lie)
Many are still that lure about and question why they are depraved
and continiously...
Continiously unsatisfied

Strife not for the pain
Saints rule that game
Now ain't that a shame
But it's the only way

Pleasure me this one time now and tell me:
Who are you to show guidance without discipline?
Favor me the right to spear your mind with self appointed violence
Hell: is it a sin?

Why for whom's sake is the world in need of such sainthood?
The displeasure on your face should make you believe...
In the dark brotherhood
The one cleansed of holy writ

Strife not for the pain
Saints indulge this game
A lesson learned in shame
Awake now!
In the Devil's fane

I know...
It's hard to play
but it's the only way

Strife not for the pain
Saints indulge their game
A lesson learned in shame
Awoken in the Devil's fane

I know...
It's hard to play
but it's the only way
Track Name: The Serpent Throne
Leisure time is over, The past thus spoke
To hone a crippled future, Whilst caught in a hail of smoke
The perp is but yourself, or so they have you believe
Do not climb so high a mountain if it's not yours to achieve
The secret is on me, use it as your device
But don't point your finger at me if you've been taken by surprise
Lonesome the path may be, (so why not) rise to the opportunity
Though the standards claim to be high
It may be just in your head, it's reasonable to ask: Why?

Some fail to rise beyond, some kill time, yes they do
A habit doomed to nothingness falls as a brick on you
And then it's time to repent
So the vultures turn their head
Time is due, pay your rent
You are but one of the living dead
Blind? This excuse won't last
We're here to pick up the pieces
Your life is lost within realms;
The burden of many diseases
Cast if you will your soul
They're so easy to get by these days
Cloaked in temptation
Yes, total darkness guides thy way to...

Independence supreme
The most dangerous and uncanny scheme
Life teached anew in the Satanic view

Indiffer just this once
And so on they conclude
In constant over-excitement
So ardent they delude
Fire in my veins
A threshold...
No threshold will tame this rage!

Independence supreme
A most dangerous and uncanny scheme
Life teached anew in the Satanic view
Their will is to be their own
And the king's will, never drone
Rise! Hail! Behold!
Those upon the Serpent Throne

It's true, they rise and fall
And leave their mark as an age to recall
Downward; Absorb a knowledge so vast
Behold the Throne!
A monument that will last

Track Name: Dirtnap
Corruption is addictive
Duped mankind turns vindictive
Blood loss naturally common
Cheap tawdry souls know not what they summon
My disdain's still at it's peak
When I see the land extend for the weak
Ripe for the ground
Pray; eternal sleep

Close your eyes; Mesmerize
Dreaming tears; Faceless fears

Restless in the dirt
Tossing and turning, inwardly burning
Scatteringly you decay

Self destructive ignorance
Dabbling in matters, making no difference
Blood loss is the current flow
Fertilize the soil and more seem to grow
Syringed, distressed, undead
Development or progress
There is no aim to be met
Given a gift or a loss
Self sacrifice more, but not for a cause

Dreamless fears!
Darkened years!

Distressed, in the dirt
Tossing and turning
In-and out wardly burning
Scatteringly you fray

Self destructive ignorance
Dabbling in matters, makes no difference
Blood loss is the current flow
Blood loss naturally strewn

Corruption is addictive!
Corruption turns vindictive!
Corruption's not instinctive!
All is but habit and indistinctive!
Track Name: Inquisition of Inferior Blood
They slave for existence
And rue the uncrowned, show meagre persistence
To 'God-fear' is a disease
Annihilate the will of time
Practice not what they preach
Unreason guides their way
Uphold the madness inside that creeps forth everyday
To scapegoat is their justice self served
Enthrone stupidity
Punishment doth unnerve
(Tell me: Why?)

Be gone! Parasite
Incur death and agree that this be your plight
Who's wrong? What's right?
When inferior blood spares but a fool

A just cause? fullfilled not at all
Careless in their system; unconcious in their call
If they could hold a life so pure
If it's not theirs to decide we may yet find a cure
For failure is vicious in cycles
I need no part of you; cross-borne disciples
Flocking against unholy allegiance?
Please spare me your dumbfounded cause!

Stratify - so as to verify

Be gone! Parasite
Incur death and agree that this be your plight
What's wrong? Who's right?
When inferior blood spares not a fool

Inquisitive demand...
For your blood...
To shed...
But plague no more!